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Location (2022)

Magritte Museum


Capital of Europe and Belgium, we are located in the historical center of the city.

On the right, you can see the city hall of Brussels, a gothic- and classical-style building built in the 15th century, located on the Grand-Place.

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Place Royale

The museum is in the Place Royale, a few minutes from the historical center of the city. 

Pl. Royale 1, Bruxelles, Belgium

The Place was built in the 18th century on the site of the old Brussels Palace: a very classical and elegant architecture was chosen to symbolize this place of power, distinguishing itself from the lower part of the city, dedicated to commerce.

Magritte Museum

Bearing the name of the famous Belgian painter, the museum - built in his honor - exhibits his greatest pieces.

The workshop will be held in one of the Museum's rooms

The access to the museum will be privatized to the participants. You will be free to walk around freely or to enjoy a guided tour.

It is easily accessible: twenty minutes from the airport and five from the nearest train station.

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